COVID-19 UPDATE: Subscriptions still open. Shipping now in batches! Click for more info. Stay safe everyone!

Hey there, I'm Andy, the founder of Asset Drop and this is our store.

Here you'll find our lovingly designed monthly subscription boxes (or bi-monthly in the case of the Monsters Box). 

We also have some epic past boxes for you to check out and,  by popular request,  our own small line of basing materialswhich are both currently being restocked and will be available again next month! Please make sure to check out our Covid-19 Pandemic Update here.

We're keen hobbyists ourselves and all of our products are painstakingly designed to provide a fantastic experience for you & our amazing community. 

Want to know more, or just want to chat? We'd love to hear from you on  :)

Three Monthly Subscriptions

Due to the global pandemic, our 3 month subscriptions are currently unavaliable to purchase.
We hope to bring these back soon, but for now, please do check out their monthly versions above!

past subscription boxes

Our Baseworks Range

All of our initial Baseworks materials have sold out!
We are working on expanding the range and getting more into stock ASAP :)