Welcome to the new Asset Drop Store

Welcome to the Asset Drop Store

If this is the first time you've visited our website, we recommended heading to the Home Page on the Main Website first. There you will find more information about our monthly boxes, including the general contents of each box, who they are aimed at and the value inside. 

You can read up on our monthly Discovery box here, which is for painters who want to try out new brands of paints and learn some new painting techniques.

And you can check out our Heroines box here, which is ideal for painting and collecting badass female miniatures for a new project each month. 

Once you've checked out the above pages, you can head back here and buy the subscription that's perfect for you. As a subscriber, you will then have access to all the past boxes we've featured, so you can pick up any that you missed out on :)

Note: The current boxes you can subscribe to are April's boxes, which will ship at the end of April.

Past Discovery Boxes

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Past Heroines Boxes

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