COVID-19 UPDATE: Subscriptions still open. Shipping now in batches! Click for more info. Stay safe everyone!

Hi we're andy, gemma & marc - the asset drop team

We're very sorry to announce that our monthly subscription business is currently on pause. With the unique challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit, we're no longer able to offer the level of service that we want to, and so we've decided to suspend all subscriptions and sales moving into 2021.

We really hope that once the world gets back to normal, we'll be able to relaunch our service, as we love creating custom boxes for the hobby community!

For now, we're working on a new project called Print Minis. Here we're creating epic collections of sci-fi STL miniatures to print at home on a resin printer. If you'd like to know more or support us, head over to: Print Minis

Below you will find any past boxes or one off products that we have available. We're only shipping with the UK at the moment due to very high postage prices internationally - we're so sorry about that!

Past Subscription Boxes