All Our Digital Painting Guides - 107 PDFs

All Our Digital Painting Guides - 107 PDFs

Asset Drop

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We've discounted the cost of this download for Black Friday weekend by 25% :)

This is a digital download of a zipped folder containing every Painting Guide we've ever created* for the Asset Drop subscription boxes, from our launch in October 2017 all the way to the November 2020 guides!

There are 107 PDFs in total and that breaks down into:

37x Discovery Guides

31x Heroines Guides

11x Heroes Guides

16x Monsters Guides

12x Villains Guides

*The only exception is the January - March 2019 Heroines Guides which have completely vanished! However, these were not very detailed since the Heroines guides started out more like box menus before we changed them to contain painting tutorials like the Discovery Guide in April 2019. 

There are a lot of amazing tutorials across these painting guides, but a certain amount of repetition of techniques. For example, we cover camouflage twice in the Discovery Guides across the years, but each tutorial takes a different approach. This is broadly the same for other repeats - they are on a different model, using different paints, and usually with a varied approach. Therefore, you can read several tutorials on painting leather clothes or skin, for example and then pick a method that suits you :)

Once you purchase this product, you will be emailed a link and a password for the zipped folder within 48 hours. 

It's 594mb to download and you'll need to unzip the folder to extract the files once downloading it. They are organised by subscription box, and for some of them with a lot of guides, by year too. 

What if I'm a Patreon subscriber?

If you subscribe to our Patreon channel, where we share a selection of these guides every month, please email Gemma on She will work out what you've paid on Patreon so far and the price difference to get access to all our guides. If you've already paid the price from our website, we'll send you the link for free. If not, we can send you a custom order for the difference.