Discovery: The Copper & Water Box, August 2018

Discovery: The Copper & Water Box, August 2018

Asset Drop

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Core Supplies: Discovery is the ideal subscription box for trying new model paints every month, with a custom Painting Guide inside explaining how to use them!

August Drop Contents:

  • Darkstar Molten Metals, Aged Copper, £3.50
  • Darkstar Molten Metals, Copper, £3.50
  • Darkstar Molten Metals, Polished Copper, £3.50
  • INSTAR Heavy Brown Wash, £1.49
  • INSTAR Heavy Black Wash, £1.49
  • Hataka Hobby, Ocean Grey, £2.30
  • Hataka Hobby, Gris Bleu Fonce, £2.30
  • Serious Play Well Water Effect, £5.00
  • Serious Play Dark Moss Flock, £1.55
  • Serious Play Mixed Cork, £1.49

                    The Painting Guide covers:

                    • Painting alternative golden treasure
                    • Painting corroded copper effects
                    • Painting graduated copper armour panels
                    • Using the INSTAR washes
                    • Painting quick and easy grey fabric
                    • How to use the Well Water effect
                    • Working with the Serious Play basing materials to create a landscape

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