Heroines: The Darklands Witch Box, April 2018

Heroines: The Darklands Witch Box, April 2018

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This is a flashback box, only the 4th Heroines Box we ever created. As of July 2020, we’re now on our 30th Heroines Box! 

Inside the April 2018 box, you’ll find:

  • Maari, a Reiver Witch from Mierce Miniatures, £12.99
  • Reaper MSP Paint, Charred Brown, £2.80
  • Reaper MSP Paint, Intense Brown, £2.80
  • Reaper MSP Paint, Tanned Leather, £2.80
  • Titan Forge, 50mm Celtic Base, £3.75
  • Serious Play, Brown Lichen, £1.68
  • Wargame Exclusive skulls, £0.42
  • Tabletop Art Burning Torch, £0.56

There’s also a free painting tutorial to accompany this box, which you should find in your email inbox 48hrs after purchasing this box. We actually don’t have any printed versions of that painting guide. Back in early 2018, we actually used to print and fold the Heroines guides in house! This worked when they were only four pages long, but we wanted to remaster the April 2018 guide to be longer and more informative (like our current guides), which made it impossible to print on our home printer. Therefore it’s available as a PDF instead. Make sure you check that out to learn how to paint a simple fur effect on Maari’s stunning druid cloak.

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