Heroines: The Sci-Fi Bounty Hunter Box, June 2019
Heroines: The Sci-Fi Bounty Hunter Box, June 2019

Heroines: The Sci-Fi Bounty Hunter Box, June 2019

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This box is bit unusual because it’s actually a hybrid box between our July 2018 box - The Spy in Space and the June 2019 box - The Bounty Hunter. We created this hybrid box with items we had in storage from both those past boxes. They were each sci-fi themed and featured a miniature from Infinity and a base from Secret Weapon, so they paired together nicely. 

There are also two different versions of this box. They all have the same main components (same miniature, base and paints). The versions only differ in the basing bits - some boxes available have the computer terminal, and others have the supply box & fuel tanks instead. It is completely random which version you get when you purchase this box!

Hybrid Drop Contents:

  • Authorised Bounty Hunter from the Bounty Hunter Syndicate of the Human Sphere, £14.75
  • Secret Weapon 60mm Warp Core Base, £4.95
  • Micro Art Studio Sci Fi Graffiti Transfer (one of 5 available), £0.80
  • Reaper Master Series, Punk Rock Pink, £2.80
  • Reaper Master Series, Monster Maw, £2.80
  • Reaper Master Series, Brains Pink, £2.80
  • Micro Art Studio Supply Box for Infinity x2, £1.10 and Fuel Tanks by Zinge Industries x2, £1.00 - or -
  • Warhead Studio, Large Industrial Computer, £1.50

Mini Tutorial:
We'll actually be including both painting guides in this box for you. The June 2019 guide goes through how to use the Reaper pink paints to paint your Bounty Hunter's hair, and the July 2018 guide goes through how to apply the transfer sticker and paint your Warp Core base. 

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