Heroines: The White Mage Box, July 2020

Heroines: The White Mage Box, July 2020

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Great Paints: Heroines is the ideal subscription box for collecting awesome female miniatures, ideal for a new project each month and as a way to practice a new painting technique. 

Heroines Box, July 2020 contents:

    1. White Mage by LionTower Miniatures, £10.00

    2. 60mm Temple Ruins Base by Alien Lab Miniatures, £4.50

    3. Mossy Forest Tufts from our custom Baseworks range, £5.00

    4. Sir Augustus, the toad familiar, from our brand new Miniworks range, £2.50

    5. Army Painter Warpaints, Crusted Sore, £2.47

    6. Army Painter Warpaints, Wasteland Soil, £2.47

    7. Army Painter Warpaints, Mutant Hue, £2.47

    July Tutorial:
    Inside every heroines box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For July's box we looked at how to paint our Heroines corset and add some fun, freehand detailing. 

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