Monsters: On The Frozen Seas Box, May 2020

Monsters: On The Frozen Seas Box, May 2020

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The Monsters Box is all about epic miniatures. We choose the best quality models, from amazing manufacturers around the world and feature them in this custom 'kit'. The box is an ideal painting project, containing everything you need to start painting your monster for display.

May's Box contains:

1. Dawaanh, Walvax Warrior by Mierce Miniatures, £25.00
2. Exclusive Fishing Boat scenery set designed by Warbases, £8.95
3. Resin Barrels by Zealot Miniatures, £3.25
4. Resin Crates by Zealot Miniatures, £2.63
5. Have Glass Grey metallic paint by Hataka Hobby, £2.30
6. Silver metallic paint by Hataka Hobby, £2.30

May's Painting Tutorial:
Inside every Monsters Box, we always include a painting tutorial to get your started with your box. This month we decided to include a build guide for the Hunting Boat because it was a complex piece of scenery.

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