The Kill Brute Box (July)

The Kill Brute Box (July)

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The Monsters Box is all about epic miniatures. We choose the best quality models, from amazing manufacturers around the world and feature them in this custom 'kit'. The box is an ideal painting project, containing everything you need to start painting your new miniature!

The Kill Brute box is July's subscription box and it contains an outstanding miniature with a truly gigantic axe! A scenic base from Micro Art Studio, some resin and grass basing materials to really set off the scene, a trio of paints from WarColours to paint your model and a brilliant wash from Secret Weapon to finish it off. 

The exact contents of the box will remain a secret until you receive it, so if you missed out on July's Monster box, now's your chance to experience the excitement of having this mystery package delivered to your door!

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RRP Value: a whopping £43.85!

Bonus: Free Painting Tutorial Inside