Discovery and Heroes Combo Box, Monthly

Discovery and Heroes Combo Box, Monthly

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Current Box: APRIL

Box Ships: 27th April

What's Inside The Boxes?

Our subscription boxes are mystery boxes, so we can't tell you exactly what you'll find. But that's half the fun! This combo box is like receiving two presents every month :D

However, we can give you some teasers to get you excited!

Clue 1: a new brand with a new range of paints, so you'll be some of the first people to try them

Clue 2: a favourite brand with a new range of metallics that people are already raving about!

Clue 3: this month is VILLAINS TAKEOVER and we have a formidable male miniature in the box this month!

Clue 4: this miniature is large, cast in highly detailed resin, and hails from hell itself!

Join our community and subscribe now for two value-packed, exciting boxes of miniature goodness; plus, get a detailed painting guides in each box for free :)

You'll also save money on the shipping and subscription costs with this combo box!