Great Paints: Villains Box, 3 Months

Great Paints: Villains Box, 3 Months

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Save 2.5% a month with this 3 month subscription!

Current Box: JANUARY - Out Of Stock. The Villains Box will have a new edition available on 1st February.

Other Included Boxes: FEBRUARY, MARCH

Subscription renews: 1st April

Dispatched within 3-5 days.


Do you want to add more villainous miniatures to your collection, and also love the idea of having a custom project to complete each month? Then the Villains box is for you!

  • Intimidating bad guys take the spotlight in this box. They could be human or another creature, male or female, and some might even be very large!
  • A themed kit including a miniature, paints, a scenic base and basing bits. Get creative and build your diorama to tell a terrifying story.
  • Tired of the same old models? Discover new miniature manufacturers from around the world. 
  • Also features an 8 page, full colour Painting Guide to teach you a new technique and get you started painting your new villainous miniature.

 Whats Inside The Box

Our subscription boxes are mystery boxes, so we can't tell you exactly what you'll find inside. But that's half the fun! 
If you need to know a little more though, check out the Villains sneak peek below.

This month's theme is The Flaming Hunt.

  • 1x huge villainous miniature, a terrifying fire god and his companion on the hunt together
  • 1x huge resin basing piece standing 80mm high!
  • 1x pack of basing tufts from the USA
  • 1x custom fire-themed Landscape Texture from our exclusive Baseworks line 
  • 1x pack of smaller basing pieces to add to the landscape
  • 1x wooden base to build your diorama on
  • 1x unique miniature paint to create a cool fire effect
  • Villains Painting Guide with a full painting tutorial inside 

This month's box contains over £28.00+ RRP value.