Current Status:
Subscriptions are still open as normal. However, we're only shipping twice a month due to Covid-19. Shipping transit times have also increased globally. 

Hey everyone,

As you all know, we’re facing an unprecedented situation around the world as everyone tries to cope with the effects of the pandemic. Here at Asset Drop, we've been affected in several ways, which are listed below. 

Shipping Twice a Month:

In order to keep postage costs down, we're shipping our boxes twice a month in large batches. This allows us to qualify for discounts we wouldn't normally get, and helps to offset some of the huge price increases due to less international flights. 

Our first batch of boxes will ship mid-month and then one at the end of the month. This is because many of the brands we feature in our boxes are struggling to meet the deadlines for delivering stock due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic. Therefore our boxes won't be ready to ship until mid-month, although you can reserve your copy from the 1st. 

Transit Times:

Shipping times globally have increased due to Covid-19. International boxes going to Europe are now taking 2-4 weeks, and boxes heading to rest of world destinations like the USA could take 3-6 weeks to arrive.

This is due to staff shortages and a backlog of parcels in the postal system. It's making shipping very unpredictable right now in terms of timescales, but rest assured that our subscriptions boxes are still making it to people overseas. They're just doing so on as longer timescale than normal. 

If you have any questions at all, please email us on and we'll be happy to help. Thank you for supporting us during these strange times :)

Founder of Asset Drop