Hey there, welcome to Asset Drop!

I'm Andy, the founder of Asset Drop. Thanks for checking out Icarus Games' video unboxing and coming across to our store :). Anto received this month's Heroines Box containing our Floating City diorama.

October's Heroines Box is available to sign up for now:



October's Heroines Box contains:

  • A beautiful female miniature in a dynamic pose, ready for action
  • An EXCLUSIVE set of MDF scenery to build, paint and display your miniature
  • Four resin basing bits for your unique diorama
  • A resin water effect and a cool weathering effect to add to your scene

If you'd like to subscribe, you'll get exactly the same box that Anto received and unboxed on his channel. Simply click the button below, subscribe, and we'll ship your box asap!

Still want to know more about our boxes?

We have four different boxes available at Asset Drop, all custom made for miniature painters, by miniature painters :)


Level up your painting skills on our exclusive Tutorial Tiles, while discovering amazing new paint brands from around the world. Save 20% on RRP.

We work with over 45 paint, pigment and accessory brands to help you expand your hobby arsenal. Inside every box there is also our 16 page full colour Painting Guide, packed with tutorials for the paints inside your drop and fun extras like interviews. Finally you'll also get two of our exclusive Tutorial Tiles, designed specifically for that month's box, which you can use to follow the tutorials and try out your new paints on!

If you'd also like to grab October's Discovery Box, you can add it to your cart using this button:


Collect epic female miniatures to build detailed dioramas, while also checking out a range of international miniature makers. Save 20% on RRP.

Every month we source badass female miniatures from manufacturers all over the world and combine them with a range of awesome hobby products. Your mini-diorama kit will bring your new heroine to life and give you a great monthly project to complete! The drop also includes a full colour 8 page Painting Guide with a painting tutorial using your new kit.

Grab the Heroines Box here while stocks last:


Our Heroes Box is chaning!

From the 1st November, our Heroes Box is going over to the dark side and will become the Villains Box! Check back on our website early next month to sign up for that new subscription :)


Ferocious monsters, imposing dioramas, and terrifying creatures make this box a must have. Discover new monster makers and paint a larger miniature every 2 months. Plus save 20% on RRP.

This bi-monthly subscription is back in stock on the 1st November, so make sure you're back on our website to grab your copy then. It'll be a fun Christmas theme too!

Thanks again for watching Anto's video over at Icarus Games!

If you have any questions about our boxes and what we do, please feel free to drop us an email at anytime on hello@assetdrop.co. We'd love to hear from you :)