New July 2020 Shipping Prices

Hi everyone, 

Unfortunately, this page is announcing shipping increases to our rest of world destinations (all those outside of Europe and the UK). Since March, there has been a surcharge because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a result of Royal Mail being unable to use passenger flights to carry their parcels, and instead having to use freight flights. These are much more expensive and this cost has been passed on in the form of a temporary surcharge

We were able to absorb this surcharge for March and the small increase in May by shipping our boxes in large batches twice a month to take advantage of bulk discounts we wouldn't normally qualify for. 

Unfortunately, there has been a third increase in this surcharge in an many months, only affecting rest of world destinations. We can no longer cover the whole increase and have had to pass some of it onto our subscribers in the form of a postage change. We're really sorry!

United States Postage Increase

There has also been a second, separate increase for shipping to the USA. This is because the Universal Postal Union, which keeps international shipping costs down, have recently allowed the USA to set their own rates for parcels coming into the country from international destinations. The US have chosen to double the shipping rates for this 'last mile' service i.e. the cost for USPS to deliver a parcel from customs to the customer. 

This postage increase is much too large for us to cover the whole increase, and so we're having to pass some of this onto our subscribers too. We're covering more than 50% of the increase, on top of around 80% of the Covid-19 surcharge in an effort to keep shipping rates down for our US subscribers. We hope you decide to stick with us!

Below you'll see the new shipping rates outlined for the different places we currently ship to for the different numbers of boxes you might subscribe to. These rates come into effect from the 1st July. 

United States

1 box: £4.98 

2 boxes: £9.96 

3 boxes: £13.50 

4 boxes: £18.50


1 box: £4.50

2 boxes: £9.50 

3 boxes: £13.50

4 boxes: £18.50

Australia, New Zealand, and most Rest of World destinations

1 box: £9.20

2 boxes: £11.98

3 boxes: £14.75

4 boxes: £19.50

 Japan, Israel, Singapore

1 box: £5.50 

2 boxes: £11.00

3 boxes: £14.75

4 boxes: £19.50

 Europe (no change)

1 box: £5.48 

2 boxes: £10.96

3 boxes: £15.46

4 boxes: £18.95

United Kingdom (no change)

1 box: £2.99

2+ boxes: £4.99

Again, we're really sorry for the shipping increases. The Covid-19 surcharge is temporary and will be removed/ reduced as flights around the world start to pick up again. As soon as this happens, we will pass these savings straight on to you by dropping our shipping prices. 

Stay safe, everyone, and thanks for sticking with us!