April's Discovery Drop
April's Discovery Drop
April's Discovery Drop
April's Discovery Drop

April's Discovery Drop

Asset Drop

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Core Supplies: Discovery is the ideal subscription box for trying new model paints every month, with a custom Painting Guide inside explaining how to use them!

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April's Box contains:

 - Foundry Paint African Flesh Shade, £3.50

- Foundry Paint African Flesh, £3.50

- Foundry Paint African Flesh High, £3.50

- Serious Play Baked Canyon Landscape Texture, £2.50

- Serious Play Baked Canyon Custom Tufts Pack, £2.49

- Ammo of Mig Deep Green, £2.30

- Ammo of Mig Lime Green, £2.30

- The Army Painter Wet Mud Paint, £2.00

- The Army Painter Strong Tone Ink Wash, £2.30

- The Army Painter Green Tone Ink Wash, £2.00

The Painting Guide covers: how to paint dark skin tones using the Foundry African Flesh triad, how to paint small leaves and larger, more detailed leaves using the Mig paints and Green Tone, and finally experimenting with the Baked Canyon basing bits and wet mud paint to create a range of arid base effects. 

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Please Note: Past boxes are usually shipped at the end on the month with the other subscription boxes.