Core Supplies: Discovery Box, 3 Months

Core Supplies: Discovery Box, 3 Months

Discovery Box 3 Months

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The 3 month version of our Discovery Box is currently unavailable because of the unpredictable nature of the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope to have them back in stock when things get back to normal :) 

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    June, July

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    1st August

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    Over £24.50!

  • Level Up Your Painting

    Do you love discovering new brands of paint, trying out new techniques and really taking your painting to the next level? The Discovery box is perfect for you. 

    • Includes miniature paints (and sometimes tools) always grouped together so they form useful units. 
    • Features exclusive resin tutorial tiles designed to work with the groups of paint so you can practice two techniques each month. 
    • Full colour 16 sided Painting Guide with step by step tutorials for the paints and techniques in the box! 

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    Shipping?! I know, shipping costs are the worst. We don't build our shipping costs into the price as we want to use all the budget to pack awesome stuff into every one of your boxes.
    We do have a pledge to you though - we only ever charge you what our carrier (Royal Mail) charges us. We are pretty proud of our shipping prices right now - most of our boxes can ship for less than the cost of a coffee!

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     Whats Inside The Box

    Our subscription boxes are mystery boxes, so we can't tell you exactly what you'll find inside. But for those of you that prefer to know a little more before you buy, check out the contents below.

    This box's theme is Water and Rust!

    May's box contains:

    • 3x miniature paints in generous pots from a never before featured brand 
    • 3x effect paints from a long time favourite manufacturer, adding a new line of liquid pigments to their range 
    • 2x paint additives designed to alter the paints you already have in interesting ways
    • 2x exclusive Tutorial Tiles designed to try out this month’s paints - can be used as scenic bases afterwards!
    • 1x detailed Painting Guide using May’s paints and featuring step by step photos

    This month's box contains over £24.50+ RRP

    Love what you've seen? Awesome! Grab your box right now!