Great Paints: Heroines Box, 3 Months

Great Paints: Heroines Box, 3 Months

Heroines Box 3 Months

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The 3 month version of our Heroines Box is currently unavailable because of the unpredictable nature of the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope to have them back in stock when things get back to normal :)

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    1st August

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    Over £29!

  •  Whats Inside The Box


    Do you want to add more female miniatures to your collection, and also love the idea of having a custom project to complete each month? Then the Heroines box is for you!

    • Awesome female miniatures, ready for battle to be the star of your monthly diorama
    • A themed kit including a miniature, paints, a scenic base and basing bits. Get creative and build your diorama to tell a heroic story.
    • Tired of the same old models? Discover new miniature manufacturers from around the world.
    • Also features an 8 page, full colour Painting Guide to teach you a new technique and get you started painting your new female miniature.

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      Whats Inside The Box

      Our subscription boxes are mystery boxes, so we can't tell you exactly what you'll find inside. But for those of you that prefer to know a little more before you buy, check out the contents below.

      This month's box is called Flaming Justice.

      May's box contains:

      • 1x a beautiful and righteous heroine with a flaming sword of justice, ready to fight the world’s evil
      • A resin base and basing piece to set the scene of an evil summoning our heroine has arrived to disrupt
      • Two sets of small resin basing bits to add extra detail to the ritual
      • 3x miniature paints to get you started painting your heroine
      • Our Heroines Painting Guide containing a tutorial on how to paint a metallic cloak

      This box contains over £29.00 in RRP so it's great value for money!

      Love what you've seen? Awesome! Grab your box right now!