Great Paints: Monsters Box, 2 Months

Great Paints: Monsters Box, 2 Months

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About the Monster's Subscription

This subscription ships 'Every 2 Months', so you receive a box every other month. You pay for your box in advance, so there's the payment month followed by the shipping month.  

Status: OPEN

Current Box: January's Box

Ships: 27th January

Here are a few clues to the contents of the January Monsters Box:

CLUE 1: January's box contains 1 fantasy miniature that's an amazing mythical creature

CLUE 2: you'll be able to use the basing bits and other products in the box to make a cool scenic base

CLUE 3: the box will contain a trio of paints and a free painting tutorial showing you how to use them on your new monster mini!

Sign up now to avoid disappointment and get this great value monster kit :D