Great Paints: Monsters Box, 3 Months

Great Paints: Monsters Box, 3 Months

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Save 2.5% a box with this 3 month subscription! Boxes shipped bi-monthly.

Next Box: MARCH - In stock 1st March

Other Included Boxes: MAY, JULY

Subscription Renews: 1st September. This is a bi-monthly subscription, meaning it is available every other month.

Dispatched within 3-5 days.


Do you want to add more monstrous miniatures to your collection, and also love the idea of having a custom project to complete every 2nd month? Then the Monsters box is for you!

  • Incredible monster miniatures are the focus of this box. This are usually larger models, made from highly detailed resin and with a higher price point of £15 - £30 per model. 
  • This box is a themed kit including a miniature, paints, a scenic base and basing bits. Get creative and build your diorama to tell a horrifying story.
  • Tired of the same old models? Discover new miniature manufacturers from around the world of scary monsters and mythical creatures. 
  • Also features an 8 page, full colour Painting Guide to teach you a new technique and get you started painting your new villainous miniature.

This box is different to the Villains Box because the miniatures inside are more premium and are always of a monster or creature. The villains minis are of a lower price point and will include human villains too.

 Whats Inside The Box

Our subscription boxes are mystery boxes, so we can't tell you exactly what you'll find inside. But for those of you that prefer to know a little more before you buy, check out the contents below:

This month's box is called Towering Destruction.

  • 1x absolutely massive monster miniature (over 180mm tall!) made from high quality, incredibly detailed plastic.  
  • 2x resin scenery pieces to help build your diorama
  • 1x wooden base with extra detailing as the foundation of our monstrous display
  • 1x large basing scatter pot to create the landscape our imposing foe is roaming through
  • 3x miniature paints from a popular manufacturer to get started painting your monster mini
  • Monsters Guide with a full painting tutorial inside

This box contains over £44.00 in RRP so it's amazing value for money!