Heroines: The Warrior & The Hawk Box, Sept 2018

Heroines: The Warrior & The Hawk Box, Sept 2018

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Great Paints: Heroines is the ideal subscription box for collecting awesome female miniatures, ideal for a new project each month and as a way to practice a new painting technique. This box is a flashback to 2018 and a fun way to catch up on our older boxes if you're new to the Heroines subscription.

We've also added a mystery item to the box that wasn't in the original (or in the picture), as a little surprise to add some vegetation to the base if you want to! 

September Drop Contents:

  • Nadia and her War Hawk, 32mm from RN Estudio, £15.00
  • Micro Art Studio 50mm Ancient Base, £3.85
  • Alien Labs Resin Shield, £0.70
  • Tabletop Art resin coal pan, £0.52
  • Reaper Bones MSP Void Blue, £3.00
  • Reaper Bones MSP Tropical Blue, £3.00
  • Reaper Bones MSP Frost Blue, £3.00
  • Bonus mystery basing item for adding vegetation to the base!

September Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroines box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For September's tutorial we covered how to paint Nadia's blue cloak for a realistic but contrasted look, ensuring it will really pop on the tabletop!

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