June's Discovery Drop
June's Discovery Drop
June's Discovery Drop

June's Discovery Drop

Asset Drop

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Core Supplies: Discovery is the ideal subscription box for trying new model paints every month, with a custom Painting Guide inside explaining how to use them!

June's Box contains:

- ScaleColor Cantabric Blue, £2.80

- ScaleColor Sky Blue, £2.80

- ScaleColor Caribbean Blue, £2.80

- WarColours Gloss Varnish, £1.90

- Secret Weapon Engine Metal, £4.80

- Secret Weapon Old Oil, £4.80

- Secret Weapon Fresh Oil, £4.80

- LifeColor Liquid Pigment Blue Burned Exhaust, £3.70

The Painting Guide covers: how to paint an engine, how to weather it with oil effects, how to add a burned exhaust effect, using Engine Metal to lighten other metals, painting an ice crystal effect, tips for painting ice weapons and ice bergs.

BONUS! Why not buy 10x Asset Dropper Bottles without changing your postage price?

Please Note: Past boxes are usually shipped at the end on the month with the other subscription boxes.