May's Discovery Drop
May's Discovery Drop
May's Discovery Drop
May's Discovery Drop

May's Discovery Drop

Asset Drop

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Core Supplies: Discovery is the ideal subscription box for trying new model paints every month, with a custom Painting Guide inside explaining how to use them!

May's Box contains:

- Italeri Model Paint, Gull Grey, £2.80

- Italeri Model Paint, Medium Gray, £2.80

- Italeri Model Paint, Graugrun RLM74, £2.80

- Mission Models Transparent Light Rust Weathering Paint, £5.99

- Mission Models Transparent Dust Weathering Paint, £5.99

- INSTAR Vintage paint, IV-01, £1.50

- INSTAR Vintage paint, IV-07, £1.50

- INSTAR Paint, Burnt Red, £1.50

- INSTAR Paint, Racing Red, £1.50

- Sponge Paintbrush, painting tool, £0.50

The Painting Guide covers: how to paint concrete effects on a scenic base, and a normal plastic base. How to use the transparent weathering paints. How to paint a bright red cloak and get smooth gradients for shadows and highlights. 

BONUS! Why not buy 10x Asset Dropper Bottles without changing your postage price?

Please Note: Past boxes are usually shipped at the end on the month with the other subscription boxes.