Mystery Loot Boxes - Everything!

Mystery Loot Boxes - Everything!

Asset Drop

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 During the three years that we ran Asset Drop, we accumulated quite a lot of stock! It covers a broad mixture of items, including stock we've included in our past boxes before, and sample products we bought to check out.

We thought it would be fun to put all these items into random loot boxes for people to buy. Our subscription boxes were always well thought out and cohesive, but these boxes are the opposite!

What's In The Boxes?

Short Answer:

  • 15-20 items!
  • Some we've never featured in our boxes before
  • Some we've included in past boxes
  • A random mixture of miniatures, bases, paints, terrain and foliage. 

Longer Answer: 

The boxes include only stock that's in perfect condition, never used, although perhaps opened since some were bought as samples to assess featuring in our boxes. Some items are also in grip seal bags, not retail packaging. The reason we didn't feature samples is because we often picked 4-5 miniatures from a manufacturer, and included our favourite in the subscription box. The others are still awesome - sometimes it was a tough choice which ones to include or not!

Other items are from past boxes. If you've received a lot of Asset Drop boxes in the past, you're likely to get quite a few duplicate items in one of our mystery loot boxes. We have a lot of odd bits & bobs of stock remaining from past boxes, where we haven't been able to make a complete past box to sell, and so those items are left over. 

We've included 15-20 items, but some of them are worth £10 or more, so these boxes are great value for money!

They are all completely random and different from each other, so it's a roll of the dice what you'll get :D