Villains: The Demonic Destroyer Box, April 2020

Villains: The Demonic Destroyer Box, April 2020

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Great Paints: Villains is a box that focuses on the bad guys! Create fearsome dioramas with a touch of the dark side. Receiving this project box every month is a great way to improve your creativity and discover some new villainous minis. 

April Box Contents:

1. Kelith the female demon by Siren Miniatures, £13.00

2. The Trading Post MDF diorama by Warbases, £4.00

3. Dungeon Debris Scatter from Terrain Crate by Mantic Games, £8.00

4. The Army Painter Warpaints, Wolf Grey, £2.50

5. The Army Painter Warpaints, Ice Storm, £2.50

6. The Army Painter Quickshade, Blue Tone, £2.50

April Painting Tutorial:

Inside every villains box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For April's box we covered how to paint her blue skirt and then add a pin-striped pattern to her leggings using freehand techniques.

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